M.E. by Gary Numan

Gary Numan

Gary Numan is a singer, musician, songwriter, composer, and record producer. He began his career in the music industry as the frontman for Tubeway Army. In 1979, Numan started his solo career with the album The Pleasure Principle. A pioneer of electronic music Numan’s signature sound consists of heavy synthesizer hooks fed through guitar pedals. In 2017 Numan received the Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors.

Album: The Pleasure Principle
Date: 1979
Genre: Alternative/Indie

Lyrics by Gary Anthony James Webb

And m.e. I eat dust
We're all so run down
I'd call it my death
But I'll only fade away
And I hate to fade alone
Now there's only m.e.
We were so sure
We were so wrong
But now it’s over
But there's no one left to see
And there's no one left to die
There's only m.e.
Why should I care
Why should I try
Oh no, oh no
I turned off the pain
Like I turned off you all
Now there's only m.e

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