Dropping Out

Josh was a key player in our team; he knew it. Through all the months of planning his role was one of the ones that had been fine tuned to the point it was like a delicately chiselled sculpture of perfection. And now he was sat here in front of me and Sim saying he was out. Just like that he wasn’t coming with us.

‘Why now, Josh,’ said Sim

‘I have responsibilities, guys, I can’t risk it all on a crazy chance of nothing or everything.’

‘A chance of nothing,’ I said. ‘After all the surveys and explorations we have done it’s not going to end in nothing and you know it.’

‘Sandra says…’

Sandra that floozie you picked up at a club a week ago… what the hell does she know about anything?’ interrupted Sim.

‘We’re getting married and…’

‘After one week, and you are that quick to drop months and months of hard work,’ I said.

‘And he calls us crazy,’ added Sim.

‘She understands me and thinks it is better play safe.’

‘Does she make you wear a condom’ said Sim sarkily.

I looked at Sim. ‘Look, Sim, if Josh is chicken, then maybe we could bring Matt in. He knows enough to do the job,’ I said. ‘Of course, he’ll get Josh’s share of anything we find, who knows we might find a few quid to throw towards Josh for his wedding.’

‘Matt… yes, you could well be right there.’

‘Are you kidding’ said Josh.

‘’What’s it go to do with you, Josh,’ I asked.

‘I was part of this team; I know the score.’

‘Yeah, until it meant doing the hard work and going for it, huh’ I said.

‘I can’t… Sandra…’

‘I hope for Sandra’s sake you don’t chicken the day before the wedding’ I said. ‘Good luck, mate.’


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