Long Measure Notes

A variation of Common Measure, Long Measure consists quatrains of iambic tetrameter lines with a rhyme pattern of abcb defe and so on, or abac dedf and so on.


Beneath the Willow Tree by Jez Farmer

My words are naught but summer rain
when met with acrid clouds of doubt.
Each time the hurt denies my heart
in welts of pain I am cast out.
On deafened ears I waste my time
declaring love she cannot see;
although I try to understand,
her ceaseless taunts are killing me.
If it's her will that I should die
without her kiss upon my lip;
then I can only take my fate
and from this world I'll lose my grip.
My love I give and give my all
for her to take or turn away,
and sit beneath the willow tree
in hopes that love will come today

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