The Elements – Earth

Earth, the elemental energy representing the diversity of form and shape, the physical expressions of existence. Magically, earth is feminine as the Mother Earth is the source of all life in all its forms and she provides for and nourishes all life. There is a spiritual link between women and the Earth, between the spheres of microcosm and macrocosm.

The concept of the Earth as a mother goddess is not limited to Europe, almost all the primal cultures of the world include the earth goddess veneration.

The Earth is not just our home, it is the energy expression of solidity, substance and form, manifestation, embodiment, and grounding. It is the vastness of the human web that unites us with other humans, animals, plants , and minerals. The element of earth is a representative of the mystery dimension and the physical body. It is the energy that brings awareness of practicality, physical pleasure , and abundance. Sitting in the North of the sacred circle it also has cross-connections with darkness, the void, and unspoken potential.

Earth Alchemical Sign

Table of Correspondences – Earth

Earth governs: solidity, substance, form, manifestation, embodiment, pleasure, money, all minerals, practicality, work, reliability, seasons, and grounding

Magical Tool: The Pentacle

Colours: green, black, brown

Fragrances; patchouli, oak moss, lilac

Tarot card suit: Pentacles

Magical stones: salt, fluorite, obsidian, jade, slate, lead

Outward expression: The Power to be Silent: the ability to keep one’s own counsel; silence as a manifestation of who we are in our essence; darkness; the void; the unspoken potential

Inward expression: the power to resonate; the ability to speak with the voice of the gods and of nature; the ability to be one with the world; the potential that has taken form.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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