Un Café en Paris

Form: Kyrielle

I sat alone in the café
A glass, house red in front of me,
My thoughts drift to that day in May
Waiting for my Parisian.
In love we walked by the river
As city lights glimmer all night,
The promise, now would deliver,
Waiting for my Parisian.
Time ticks by so painfully slow,
The right place, our place as before.
Eyes glance to the clock, will he show?
Waiting for my Parisian.
Sunsets over Sacre Coeur’s view,
Thoughts entwine with the reddened sky,
On the breeze, I pray they reach you,
Waiting for my Parisian.
My mind hears your voice sing in French,
How this English girl fell in love,
My lost dreams of romance will quench,
Waiting for my Parisian.
As the bells of Notre Dame ring,
Eyes glance one last time at the door,
And my heart in joy starts to sing
He’s here, my own Parisian.


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