What is Rhyme?

Form: Quatrains

The dictionary defines rhyme
As words sounding the same when said.
It is not so easy this time.
So get that thought out of my head.
There are now many types to learn
Rhymes that are rich, or meet an eye
As I study and candle burn,
A poet, will that soon be I?
Identical, true, assonant,
Imperfect just like you and me.
Scarce is so rare, then consonant,
All rhymes that now exist for me.
So a poem about rhyme for you
As I sit hearing falling rain.
Not beneath the churchyard’s broad yew
Or on a speeding city train.
It’s been hard to learn, real tough,
And I probably got it wrong,
I just hope I pull this one through,
Now that my brain is worn and wrung


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