The Elemental Tool Kit

As witches, we have various tools of our craft for just about every occasion. Sadly that doesn’t include a sonic screwdriver, I wish it did. There are four main tools, the elemental tools, that every witch should have for ritual and magical purposes. Each of these tools is symbolic of a specific element and evokes the energies of that element.

The elemental tools are: the wand, the athame (ah-thaw-may), the chalice and the pentacle. The wand is a length of willow or oak and represents the element of air. The athame is a double-edged blade with a dark handle and is representative of fire. The chalice is a cup or goblet that represents water. The pentacle is a ceramic or copper disk with an engraving of the pentagram (the five-pointed star) and is representative of earth.

The Elemental Tool Correspondences

The Wand – Air: Traditionally made of willow for women and oak for men, the wand is used to summon the spiritual energies. It is also used in lunar rituals and rituals of drawing down a goddess or god into a priest.

The Athame – Fire: The double-edged dark-handled knife is an essential tool and is used to summon and cast the magical forces.

The Chalice – Water: Traditionally a stemmed cup, the chalice can be of any material. Some witches prefer silver or silver metals as the chalice aligns with the energies of the goddess. It is used for blessings and fertility rituals, and also for making potions and elixirs.

The Pentacle – Earth: The pentacle can be made of any earthy material such a wood, wax, clay or copper. It is used in fertility rituals and blessings, and also for summoning the goddess.

Each of the elemental tools represents the individual power of a witch and their connection to the four elements.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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