We Don’t Need No Segregation!

Form: Quatrains

The seats are full, the tension high
A guitar string and I could fly
I’m sat eager for the first beat
For the pulse of rock music’s heat
That night the wall came down will stay
In our minds as Floyd start to play
Berlin was one city once more
The bass throb vibrates in the floor.
Heroes of rock perform tonight
The songs we know were our delight.
‘Is anybody out there’ the call
Cyndi's ‘Nother brick in the wall.’
She’s in my arms as flames are lit
The band perform another rock hit.
Water’s voice brings an ovation
Now two at last are one nation.
The album still the best of all
A classic for so long, ‘The Wall.’
It’s always been the only one
To leave me ‘Comfortably Numb.’
Sinead takes the stage for ‘Mother’
Why can Man not see a brother?
We are one race under one sky
It is time for this hate to die!
If one voice will ever be heard
Let it be in peace, just that word.
I am but one part of the wall,
Just another brick all in all


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