Crying from Behind the Wall

Form: Free Verse

Can you see a wall in front of me?
That holds me tight never to be free.
A world in seclusion
It is no illusion
That wall will remain inside of me.
No bricks just pain and torture inside
In this dark place, I have to reside.
No freedom, no release
It will never decrease.
Ripped in half, sanity is denied.
Fear of happiness being a sign
That my mind is about to decline
To pits of regression
That is my depression
Often of life, I want to resign.
Bi polar the label, marks my soul
It’s only the drugs that make me whole
Lithium the answer
Like morphine to cancer
It is just a way of pain control.
Release me from this hell, let me fall
I’m tired of my life behind this wall
Always lost and alone
All my dreams come undone
One day I will be free of it all


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