Enchanted Dreams

Form: Rhyme

Lost and found in enchanted dreams,
There is a world beyond the sky.
Where you are found by honeyed sigh
And none will ever hear your screams.
A beauty held in silken seams,
Bereft of hope you can but lie
And wait for love to free the tie,
So you can dance with the moon beams.
He has you in a grip of vice.
Caught in strands of his vampire charm.
With none that hear warning’s alarm,
Alone again his touch like ice.
A vibrant dream, you want to wake!
Before you feel his anger rake.
Escape his hold before you sink
Or will he keep you at this brink.
‘Come my pretty, return to me,’
Stay in this dark and endless night.
Savour the passion at your feet,
In a vampire’s realm you are free.
Living in shadows, never light,
Taking the blood of prey you meet.
The battle of love beauty fights,
Or does she yield to his cold grasp?
Does hope still remain in her sights?
Beauty sees good beyond hell’s rasp,
A heart that lies within the dark
Her hand can touch, release the clasp
She finds her love open and stark,
On him she left her fatal mark


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