The Power to Know

In witchcraft the elements express themselves in a balance of light and dark, yin and yang, active and passive. In witchcraft each of the elements has an inward and outward expression. The outward is the visible expression, it is an active expression f the elemental forces. The inward, then, is the non-visible, it is passive and receptive, an internal manifestation of the element’s more subtle forces.

The element of air governs the power to know. In its outward expression. In witchy speak the power of knowing is a representation of acquiring a rational understanding of the world around us. Education, knowledge, communication, learning, thinking, and speaking are all ruled by air. The energies of air are most clearly manifested in people drawn to creativity, such as theatre, acting, television, and publishing, as well as education, philosophy, and psychology.

If the active expression of air takes control and one loses the balance between the active and passive energies of air it might appear the individual is uncharacteristically talkative, flighty, over-thinking, exclusively rational and only able to experience the world through mental understanding. This is a time to rebalance and ground one’s aspects of air. For example standing in a breeze, facing it with arms and mind open to welcome air into the body, as if allowing the breeze to pass through and effectively bow the cobwebs out.

Love and Light
Raven )O(

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