The Power to Wonder

Air rules the power of wonder in its inward expression. Wonder being the polar opposite of knowing and lying at the other end of the spectrum to knowledge, is about relinquishing what we know. It is about unlearning life and the relationships to everything and everyone. It is experiencing the wisdom that comes from releasing opinions and judgements about life. Live and living is fluid and fixing on a fact or opinion and sticking to it creates rigidity and powerlessness. Without the power of wonder, how did we come to understand the world is round or invent a way to fly? As witches it is through wondering that we are able to see beyond the limitations of what we know. Wondering allows us to discover truth and enlightenment as it reveals itself in a moment without fixed perception, mental anticipation, or cognitive understanding.

Wonder is a receptive expression but if it takes control of life it effects the delicate balance of the air energies. It can make us inattentive, sleepy, distractible, spacy, and dense. Rebalancing wondering needs time to practice grounding by adjusting the breath. Sit comfortably and instead of focusing on beginning a breath on inhalation, begin with exhaling and evacuating the lungs completely. Allow the solar plexus to contract inward towards the spine. Once you reach your limit of inward contraction release the hold and allow the lungs to fill naturally. Repeat three more times and finally allow the breath to settle in its own rhythm.

Love and Light
Raven )O(

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