The Power to Surrender

In its inward and receptive expression the element of fire governs the power to surrender. It is the polar of the power to will and at first glance doesn’t seem to be much of a power at all. In the human thinking surrendering is seen as giving up which, in turn, is seen as inviting some sort of harm to ourselves. We have too wonder how we can survive if we surrender by giving up.

In magic, surrender is aligning personal desire and will with the universe and/or the divine. It is the attitude of not insisting the energies of life flow in a preconceived way. Surrender is living in harmony with life energy, living in a natural accord with whatever circumstances that come up. Surrender is the deep understanding that life and life energy don’t need to flow in a certain way as it is the energy we already are.

Surrender is also about letting go. The sense of release manifests differently in each of us. It may be releasing physical stress and tension; it can be releasing emotional tension; it can be releasing the grip on the insistence of having it all our own way.

The power to surrender is a revelation of the greatest powers of nature; it is the power of the tides to surrender its waves to release their hold on the shore and return to the sea. Surrender, in magical terms, is not an action but a statement of being. Witches tap into this power by mirroring nature in their lives and unifying with nature and the divine.

As with all powers there is a loss in the delicate balance of the fire energies when the power to surrender takes control of life. This can result in an individual appearing lazy, depressed, inactive and unable to act. This is a time to work through the imbalance and take time to engage in some rigorous activity. Go to the gym; take up walking; do a work out; the choice is up to the individual. Whatever the choice commit to doing it regularly for several days. After each activity stop and allow some time to feel the vibration of the energy raises in the body and feel the blood rushing through the veins; the sense of being alive.

Love and Light
Raven )O(

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