Beyond The Door – #Writephoto Renewal

Thank you for taking up the challenge


Evening All,

I am sure so many of you will already know this wonderful story but a little over five years ago, the wonderful Sue Vincent of Daily Echo (and The Silent Eye) posted the most intriguing image:

Beyond the Door โ€“ Image by Sue Vincent

The image sparked some wonderful responses. All entirely different to each other. It was such a wonderful awakening of the imagination. With a little encouragement, Sue agreed to post another one and within quick succession #writephoto was born. Sueโ€™s eye to capture the most intriguing images delighted us each Thursday presenting us the next challenge to sink our teeth into. The Thursday #Writephoto became a weekly staple to so many in our community.

With Sueโ€™s permission, I have requested I follow on this tradition. Whilst I doubt I have even half the skill set Sue does, I hope to post something inspiring enoughโ€ฆ

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