Envelope Sonnet Caudated Notes

Structure: Octet and 2 sestets
Meter: decasyllabic or pentameter
Rhyme scheme: abbacddc efefef ghhgii


Love in Lockdown by Jez Farmer

She was on his mind again late last night
As he poured his whiskey over ice rocks
The echoes of love and its after shocks
But always her in his head by firelight
And the midnight hour slips quietly by
As he sips his scotch to feel warm inside
As if in liquid his thoughts can confide
When in the darkness he can only sigh
In his imaginings of when they last kissed
And for just a moment all time stood still
Just for a moment he let thoughts exist
Like his pride he swallows thinking with skill
He will never say how much she is missed
His feelings left in the words of his quill
For now he must keep her senses upbeat
Revealing his love in different ways
She’ll never know he is counting the days
Until; until once more lovers can meet
Until then all he can do is be there
In the darkness, alone, to gently care

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