The Big Thief Fangirl and the Masterpiece

Guitars and tea – now you are talkin’. Just got my acoustic now but often strum over a brew, Assam of course.

Showing my age here, I get what you say about music dying with Kurt, for me it was John Lennon when I was mid teens. Then I found metal, a totally different sound to The Beatles but hit me where it needed to.

The Paltry Sum

Big Thief

I will be honest here, I love music. I love music with a passion that is probably unhealthy. I love music like I love my guitars and cups of tea and foggy San Francisco mornings. I love music, but I rarely listen to anything made after 1995. The day Kurt Cobain died was really the day music died for me, and there is not much that can be done about it. There are a few occasions when I hear something new, from someone new, and I break out of my comfort zone and give them a chance. Big Thief managed to do that, they put out music that made me pause Radio Ethiopia, let the Televisions boys take a rest from Marquee Moon, even stopped me wearing out my copy of The Velvet Underground and Nico, and they did it with aplomb.

Adrienne Lenker is the mistress of…

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