The Power to Dare

The active and outward expression of the element of water is the power to dare. A dynamic expression, water brings forth the power of fearlessness. Water does not recognise formal boundaries and the ocean does not discriminate one drop of water from another; it accepts all forms of water. Water moves in its own way based only on the laws of nature. The power to dare is to have the courage to go beyond the human-constructed, socially-dictated, and institutionalized boundaries. By daring we glide across the superficial lines drawn by culture, ethnicity, gender, family, or any other assigned convention.

Water rules the areas of dreams, compassion, empathy, visions, cycles, understanding, and lunar mysteries. The energies of water often manifest in those sited to careers in counselling, film, storytelling, social work, psychology, medicine, and professional psychism.

When the power to dare takes control in an individual it causes an imbalance in the delicate and natural relationship between light and dark water energies. It causes weepiness, feelings of sadness, unexplained depression, nostalgic fixations, secretiveness and broodiness. Rebalancing the power of daring requires grounding near water, preferably within nature. Place the hands lightly on the water’s surface while exhaling the breath towards the water. Close the eyes and visualize a blue field of energy leaving the body through the hands and out through the breath. Imagine it entering the water and joining the ebb and flow. Continue with this process until calmness is restored.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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