Indonesian Sonnet Notes

Created by: Created by Jose Rizal M Reyes
Structure: 3 quatrains and a couplet
Meter: decasyllabic or pentameter
Schema: abab abab abab ab


Helen Grew Old by Jose Rizal M Reyes

These wrinkles on my face I cannot hide.
My limbs are getting weaker by the day.
My eyes grow dimmer though they never cried.
My hair and crowning glory is now gray.
The beauty for which princes vowed and vied;
The beauty which fair Paris snatched away;
The beauty for which warriors dared and died:
Like all that’s mortal undergoes decay.
Can Penelope flaunt her secret pride
That Ulysses, for her, would madly slay?
Although without her love he can’t abide,
There were just too few corpses on display.
But all is vain as time can’t be denied:
All beauty fades for we are made of clay

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