Revolving Torsion Fountain by Naum Gabo

Revolving Torsion Fountain
Kinetic Art
Stainless Steel
St Thomas’s Hospital, London, UK

A public artwork, elegantly constructed from curved, stainless steel plates, Revolving Torsion represents the culmination of Kinetic art first explored over 50 years earlier by Gabo’s Kinetic Construction. The central abstract form makes a full rotation every ten minutes as water plumes emerge with various pressure from 140 holes on the steel wings of the fountain. The sculpture was installed as a centre-piece fountain for St Thomas’s Hospital in 1975, and unveiled by Queen Elizabeth in 1976 during the official opening of the hospital.

Naum Gabo
Constructivism, Kinetic Art, Bauhaus, Op Art, Biomorphism, Direct Carving
Born: 5 August 1890, Bryansk, Russia
Nationality: Russian – American
Died: 23 August 1977, Connecticut, USA

Gabo was a sculptor, theorist and a key figure in Russia’s post-Revolution avant-garde and development of twentieth-century sculpture. Combining geometric abstraction with dynamic organization of form in small reliefs and constructions, monumental public sculpture and pioneering work in kinetics

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