The Power to Accept

The inward and receptive expression of water is the power to accept. A natural expression of water is free flow in any direction and in this receptive aspect the focus is more on the container rather that the water itself. The heart of magical acceptance is defining and honouring boundaries. It is the power found in the cup, the chalice and the cauldron that holds and gives shape to the water. In life terms, acceptance is grounding the self within the circumstances of body, environment, family, friends, work, and all other aspects of life. It is the knowing and understanding of where we are in the here and now and the learning of the way forward to where we want to be.

In the winter it is cold; in the summer it is hot. It is this simple, clear reality in accepting life as it is. There is power in acknowledging the truth of life, good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant. It is being honest with the self when assessing our own advantages and limitations. Such a prospect can be uncomfortable, but acceptance is a gateway of opportunity, inviting us to take effective actions in life that can lead to powerful and significant life changes.

When water’s receptive aspect takes control of an individual it causes an imbalance in the natural interplay between the energies of light and dark water resulting in an individual appearing rigid, hyper-alert, demanding of boundaries, self-depreciating, and needy of high-level order and structure.

To rebalance acceptance, especially when we notice the feelings of rigidity, hyper-alertness, or self-depreciation, go to water in a natural setting, Stand before the water and with open arms welcome the energy into the being. Close the eyes and imagine becoming transparent as the cool, slow, flow of water passes through the whole self. Meditate in this way for ten minutes or so.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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