#Writephoto – Journal Entries

Thank you KL Caley for another great prompt. Find it here at https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/03/25/writephoto-table/. The prompt has led me to reflect on the last year and beyond somehow. The form is one of random memories in no particular order.

Top of the table by KL Caley

Journal Entries

Summer 2019 The small table stood neglected in the garden and the squirrel found his treats in a bowl.

Summer 1996 You and I shared coffee burning our hands on mugs. You said, we needed a table on the lawn.

Winter 2001 My coffee cold on the little table, my heart breaking too much to drink

Spring 2020 Stay Home Boris said, and I could hear you scream like a social butterfly trapped in a jar

Summer 2002 An empty table and I miss you like hell

Winter 2020 Christmas is not cancelled, he said. Covid 19 didn’t listen to Boris and they began to die again

Winter 2001 Screw Christmas, there’s no point without you, there’s no point in anything without you

Summer 2020 A bigger table, social distancing over Afternoon Tea as burning food on the fire invades the nose

Autumn 2001 Time is precious, make the most of it

Summer 1997 No way is a barbecue going in my garden, you got your damn table

Winter 2021 Back in the shield, hearing others go out pisses me off yet I don’t go out anymore.

Autumn 2020 Too much is opening too soon, Covid is back again.

Autumn 2003 A silent good bye to the peninsula that was yours and mine

Spring 2021 Life moves on and I still miss you like hell and that’s okay


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