The Power to be Silent


The power to be silent is the outward expression of the element of earth. The earth is a silent presence that reflects the unspeakable reality. In Western culture we equate out ward expression with noticeable movement or directed energy so the power to be silent seems confusing. In the element of earth we find a peculiar magical fulcrum point, and in that is an energetic expression of paradoxes.

While our society considers silence a receptive trait it is an energy of stillness and rest through which the body, mind, and spirit find a sense of opening, deepening, and broadening. The stillness of silence represents the void, the original emptiness of all things. Somewhat paradoxically the energy within this emptiness is one of potential, the void is eternally prepared to manifest in new forms – trees, birds, animals, streets, and people. Thus the usually receptive energy of silence is an active energy of unlimited potential.

In this active expression earth governs material gain, prosperity, work, strength, service, honesty, practicality, pleasure, music and art. As such earth aligned individuals enjoy the simplest pleasures of life including good food, a nice home, and good sex. They have a grounded approach what others see as complex issues and are best suited to careers in real estate, banking and investments, farming, archaeology, architecture and buildings, and medicine.

When the active expression of earth is out of balance an individual may appear rigid, stubborn, conventional, pessimistic, cruel, inactive, possessive, and greedy. Rebalancing silence requires an exercise in freeing the self. Find a place in nature where it is possible to touch the bare earth. Place the hands gently on the surface of the earth while exhaling on to the earth. Close the eyes and visualize a field of green energy leaving the body through the hands and exhaled breaths and entering the earth. Continue with the meditation until the green energy feels rebalanced, wholesome , and serene.

In love and light
Raven )O(

2 thoughts on “The Power to be Silent

    1. I don’t think she is, I know she isn’t but we don’t hear her unless we are silent and listen.

      This is about the element earth not the planet. This outward facet of the element of earth is using the power of silence to listen and maybe by making us do that to hear the earth itself speak when in our busy lives we may forget to take time to do so.

      Silence is not inactive, it is a powerful tool to opening our minds to the voices of the earth and the universe, and if we truly want to, hearing all that is on offer to us.


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