My Hedonism

Form: Epistle

To you who inspires my wicked dreams

As you wonder why I do not seek physical satisfaction within the games of sensual desire we play the hedonist in me knows there is still so much more to explore. In essence I want to leave our love making overwhelmed by the future desires, thinking of you and how to raise the bar to allow sex to become passion.

When I wake up in a hot sweat it is the power of us in my dreams, recalling the heat we share in a glance, in a chilled glass of wine, in the most intimate embrace. Still I want to give you more. I want you to feel every sensual pleasure as it ignites the next. Each night one of unspeakable pleasure yet with me knowing there is still for the next time.

I don’t want to be satisfied as I always want to be ready to go top the next level for your desire, if you should dare

All ways, always, your crazy-assed poet xxxx


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