The Power to Resonate

In its inward and more passive expression the element of earth governs the power to resonate. As in its outward expression we can see the paradoxical nature of earth since most would not consider resonance a passive trait. The power to resonate sounds vibrant and active. In terms of magic resonance is the energy that comes from silence. It represents the interconnectedness of all reality. It is the energy that widens perspective allowing us to understand there is no division or separation between us and everything else. The receptive nature of earth joins us with the undulating pulse of the universe, the spiritual vibrations that underlie all existence. In the moments of silence we naturally connect to this energy and feel the pulse of life throbbing around us. Through this power, we gain access to experiencing the divine manifesting in the world. It places our concepts of deity into a palatable experiential form.

Witches tap into the power to resonate with spontaneous utterances, their voice of the divine seen as the sounds and words of life itself. When tapping into the resonance of the earth its denseness renders itself luminous and weightless. Aligning with the power to resonate allows spontaneity to guide our actions, in effect the pulse of life is leading our way.

If the power to resonate falls out of balance it can cause an individual to appear light-headed, detached, disorientated, and out of touch with their world. When we notice these signs of resonance imbalance it is necessary to take time to ground ourselves. Firstly, heat up seven small river stones under hot running tap water, taking care the stones don’t get too hot to handle. When the stones are ready get undressed an lie flat on your back. Using table salt make a line down the centre of the body from the base of the throat to the pubic area. Place a pebble at the centre of the brow, at the base of the throat, at the centre of the chest, on the naval and just above the genitals. With a stone in each hand, lie with palms upward. Imagine absorbing the energy of earth from beneath the body and through the stones until the stones are cool. Repeat as required.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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