Japanese Sonnet Notes

Created by Jose Rizal M Reyes
Structure: Quatrain, sestet and quatrain
Meter: each line is a haiku
Schema: aaaa bbbbbb aaaa


Sakura Memories by Jez Farmer

Sweet scented petals descend on the breeze; fragrant farewell,
Memories entwine in rivers of tears; love cannot dispel
Dark clouds obscure the future and the sun in living hell?
Temple chimes echo sounds of life passing – a solitary bell.
Cherry blossom heavy with mournful tears for another year
The burden too great yet it is carried in unseen fear
Pink and blue petals falling on ornate oak… they bring no cheer
A white rose alone on the brassy plaque says – I am here
Watching petals fall, silent wishes – they just disappear
Yet in breaths of Sakura sweetened air – I feel you near.
Soft spring winds blow the petals over the vacant dell
With life bring energy and wonder to each blood cell
The scent of honey on blossomy breezy that says all is well
And there is no more pain in the divine – where you dwell

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