Contemplating the Power of Magic

Back in the day when I was first exploring Paganism one of my first questions was what is magic, and where does the it come from. It soon became clear to me that magic is a law of nature that has been discounted for centuries by society and their contemporary religions. For me, as a witch, it is simply making the fullest use of my senses to achieve my intentions. I don’t fully understand how it works, and perhaps that is something for another lifetime. For now, I put my faith and belief in the happenings I have experienced.

Contemplating the power behind magic has become more a matter of becoming one with the mystery of life that is the source of all magic. As an initiate it was difficult to contemplate magic with little to know knowledge of it. It was in those early contemplations I began to understand that knowledge is a limitation and for the linear and unidirectional mind of everyday living.

Magic and contemplating it begins with a letting go. Letting go to all that I knew or thought I knew, getting into myself as a spiritual and physical being, embracing my emotions and physical energy patterns, and to the world of nature that surrounds me. I had to feel it, begin to know and experience it. I had to accept I couldn’t explain this power to myself in a logical way; magic is the happenings and experiences that cannot simply be explained in words.

So, today’s contemplation is to face our own assumptions, knowledge and ideas and let them go. Let us turn to face the southwest and as we make ourselves comfortable and quieten our thoughts and concerns , light a purple candle and place it about two feet in front. Gaze upon the flickering flame and hold the question ‘what is the power that drives magic?’ in our thoughts for 20 to 30 minutes.

There may not be an immediate or satisfying answer in one sitting, so to manifest a greater depth of understanding repeated sittings as and when required can be useful. However, it is important to take note of the question we have asked here as it actualizes itself in both our magical and every day living. Embrace it and become one with it every time it reveals itself. Over time our perception shifts and we find our own personal answers.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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