A Visit with Christopher and Don, Santa Monica Canyon by David Hockney

A Visit with Christopher and Don, Santa Monica Canyon
Pop Art, Cubism
Oil on two canvasses
Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

Hockney draws on the language of Cubism in creating this view of the Santa Monica Canyon. Throughout his artistic life Cubism has been a strong influence on his style. In this piece Hockney expands the Cubist visual language with a rich colour palette borrowed from Pop Art. On a scale normally reserved for grand subjects such as historical or religious painting, the two canvasses side by side measure 6 x 20 feet.

David Hockney
Pop Art, British Pop Art, School of London, Nouveau Réalisme, British Art
Born: 9 July 1937, Bradford, UK
Nationality: British-American

Hockney’s bright swimming pools, suburban Californian landscapes, and split-level homes are a fusion of calmness and activity. Shadows seem to be banished from his acrylics of the 1960s producing images as slick as magazine pages. Flat planes co-exist with a patchwork of muddling distances. Hockney’s style incorporates a range of inspiration from Baroque to Cubism, and recently, computer aided graphics. He deliberately breaks every possible rule delighting in the deconstruction of proportion, perspective, and colour. His work shows that orthodoxies are there to shattered, allowing opposites to co-exist in a message that transcends art and makes a profound statement in the political and social realm

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