Form: Epistle

Hello Sweetheart

During the last few months life has challenged us, sometimes it has even felt like it is punishing us when we have done nothing wrong, but the deep, intense love we share was there all along and always will be. It is during the darker days that love is our light giving us sight when life isn’t fair and the strength to get through.

It is the trials of life that make us more aware of the love we feel, even when it is rough and raw and interlaced with pain caused by the world we cannot control. Our love is not an artificial, superficial veneer disguising something else. It is real. It is a love that will empower our ability to heal.

It isn’t an easy love, but nothing worth having ever comes easy, yet it is a love that gives us hope. True love is a double-edged gift yet some will never know what love is. True love is such a rare and precious thing, and we share it. Perhaps we should remember as we win through the hard times it is a victory of pure, unconditional love.

You and I are trailblazers, blazing our own way, making our own path, and living by our own rules. Sure, it isn’t going to come easy, but it is so worth it.

Always, all ways, your crazy-assed poet xxxxx


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