Introducing Hecate

Hecate is the Greek goddess of crossroads, of the underworld, of magic and the moon. She is mostly associated with the darker aspects of the feminine divine, however, historically Hecate is a triple goddess of birth, fertility and maturity. An underworld deity, she also rules the mystery of all that exists in our subconscious minds and hearts, just beyond our immediate knowing and feeling. In Greek mythology Hecate is said to take her place in the underworld alongside the gods Thanatos, a deity of death, Hypnos, a deity of sleep, and Morpheus, a deity of dreams. The night-time sky is the sphere of Hecate’s influence and she is well-regarded as a patron of witches, both in the ancient world and today.

As witches when we tap into Hecate’s energies, we evolve our abilities to create magic. She reminds us we are all multifaceted beings and how we should respect and honour each one of our own facets, the strong and the not so strong.

Table of correspondences for Hecate

  • Symbols: night-time sky, crossroads, the broom and the cauldron
  • Tools; the cauldron, the magic mirror, and divination tools
  • Essences and Herbs: camphor, jasmine and water-lily.
  • Direction: inward
  • Animal totems: owl, boar, horse and dog
  • Stones; amethyst and mother pf pearl
  • Food: apple and pomegranate
  • Hecate rules: hidden mysteries, old age, wisdom, secrets, birth, death, the underworld, midwifery, divination and herbalism

To honour Hecate, following the Roman custom, go to a crossroads at midnight and leave an offering of an apple and a black candle. Walk away from the offering without looking back, intoning her holy name, Heh-KAH-tay, until you feel the goddess with you and surrounding you. Consider how you could best serve her, and ask her what it would take to live through her energy. Take time to listen for her answer. Honour Hecate’s presence by considering the mystery behind every aspect of your daily life and perhaps that of the people you meet.

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