Fluorescent Complement by Richard Anuszkiewicz

Fluorescent Complement
Op Art
Oil on canvas
The Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA

An imperfectly geometric work, Fluorescent Complement is formed from warm green dots set against a cool blue background. From the early days of his career Anusszkiewicz was renowned for juxtaposing warm and cool colours in this way in order to toy with visual perception to create a sense of vibration.

Richard Anuszkiewicz
Op Art, Kinetic Art
Born: 23 May 1930, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 19 May 2020, New Jersey, USA

Anuszkiewicz was a painter, sculptor, and printmaker. He is one of the masters of colour in modern American art, developing and evolving his oeuvre over a career of more than sixty years. At the root of his approach he maintained certain key principles, principally the capacity of the eye to mix complementary colours presented separately on a canvas. Anuszkiewicz trained at Yale under the great Bauhaus artist Josef Albers and carried the legacies of his mentor a step further in his experimentations of an unprecedented range of colour contrasts. From the early 1960s the work he was creating appeared to bring pigment alive on the canvas, making it vibrate or float in front of the picture surface

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