#Writephoto – The Most Precious Stone

This week’s photo provided by KL to inspire us to write speaks to my soul, and the feeling keys don’t always unlock, but lock, securing what needs to be shut away. The prompt can be found here – https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/04/22/writephoto-the-secret-in-the-stone/

The Most Precious Stone

The Secret in the Stobe by KL Caley
I am the stone that listens
to the secrets
holding them close
as a mother holds her child
for these are the secrets of my children
told to me when they had no one else to share
the secrets of their anguish and pain
the secrets of their love and joy
shared in their heartbreak
when compassion had turned them away
that’s when my children find me and speak
through their tears
through their fears
and through their pain
my children
society’s outcasts
but truly they are loved by me
and as their tears fall on the keys
my love locks their secrets in stone
never to be told
my children are free
to love again
to live life again
for their secrets are mine
and my love will never tell
my love will never turn them away
I am the stone that listens
mother, goddess, lady of rock
and when you need me most
my child
you will find me

©JGFarmer 2021

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