Harrisham Sonnet Notes

Created by Created by Harrisham Minhas
Structure: 2 sestets and a couplet
Meter: no restriction but should have rhythm
Schema: ababab cdcdcd ee


Sonnet to Spring by Jez Farmer

Between winter and roses sunshine bloom
The birds feed and stare into heavy grey skies
In wild patches daffodils break the gloom
The warmer days coming with breezy sighs
But still inside the fires warm a cold room
The paradoxes of spring have no disguise
Soon the trees will flourish vernal green
As their pastel blossoms shyly return
Breaking out from the drabby winter scene
This fresh beauty through those cold days we yearn
We see what could be, not what might have been
For our souls delight as the seasons turn
As some say amen I say mote it be
At last the warmer days have been set free

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