New Infernal Rebirth by Starkill


Starkill is a melodic death metal band from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The group formed in 2008 and began writing material eventually they signed up to Century Media Records in 2012, releasing Fires of Life in 2013. Starkill has incorporated various different styles, leading to the label as melodic death metal from critics and fans alike.

New Infernal Rebirth
Album: Fires of Life
Date: 2013
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Lyrics by Parker J Weidner and Spencer C Weidner

Buried in the sands
Twisted power warped and wounded
Tortured, bloody
Confined in a coffin of lies

Held in Chaos’ hands
Death and Darkness racing forward
Scorching each and every mortal spirit they find

Rising towards the sky
Winds of Old unleashed forever
Struggling for power
At the ends of the earth

Sanguinary lust
Claim the throne of ancient glory
Launching the assault
A new infernal rebirth

Broken at last are the chains
The venerable vehemence freed
Blood of the tainted fallen
Spills into the pools of sanctity

Centuries covered in shadow
Long has the truth been denied
Ready to charge into victory
Face your attacker; Tonight they die
Rise forth
Spread the new reign of fire
Rituals of awful power
Entwined with blood of the past
Stripping away at the purity
Thunder shall rule at last

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