#Writephoto – Cash Only, No Cheques

Well, that week went fast and it’s time for another photo prompt from KL Caley. You can find the prompt here – https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/05/20/writephoto-money-tree/

Another good one for me, and oddly me getting a little political in my writing. Don’t panic it doesn’t happen that often.

Money Tree by KL Caley

Cash Only, No Cheques

Free Verse’

There is no cash for those in need
the government said
an empty pot can’t pay the NHS
there is no magic money tree
but there is wonga
to bung at their friends
we can’t afford no Navy ships
but still send our boys to war
and criminalize the homeless vets
forced to sleep on city streets
there is no magic money tree
but there is wonga
to feed corporate greed
the streets of London only paved with gold
for dealers and pimps
no dosh to make townie life safe
and newspapers fail
echoing the government’s lies
that protect fat cats
that scam the working class
money don’t grow on trees, right?

©JG Farmer 2021

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