Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds beginning with a “G” In The Title

Our Eyes Open

Welcome to Week #48 of the Bird Weekly Photo Challenge. Week #48 challenge is birds beginning with a “G” in the title (if a bird has more than one word of the name, you can use it as long as it begins with a “G”, ie: Green Heron or Common Gallinule).

The feature image is Ross’s Goose. I was on the search for this bird while visiting Sunset Park in Las Vegas. I was scanning the water pond intensely for a sign of this bird. With my camera draped over my shoulder and binoculars in the ready position, searching to no avail. My arms got tired and I lowered my binoculars and down at my feet…well, I had a visitor. The only one in the park that I could see.

Just a reminder that next week’s challenge is B&W with spot color. Your choice of birds. Can’t wait to see…

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