Graded Exposure by Kenneth Noland

Graded Exposure
The Pictures Generation
Acrylic on canvas
Private Collection

Noland ventured into a new territory in the late 1960s with his Striped paintings. With ‘Graded Exposure’ measuring over six metres in width, he painted his stripes progressively thinner towards the top, suggesting the image is receding into the distance. The rainbow-effect also suggests a horizon extending beyond the canvas

Kenneth Noland

Kenneth Noland
Colour Field Painting, Post-Painterly Abstraction, Washington Colour School
Born: 10 April 1924, North Carolina, USA
Nationality: American
Died: 5 January 2010, Maine, USA

Noland’s Colour Field painting was among the most focused and consistent art produced in America during the mid-20th century. Noland studied under Ilya Bootkoski and Josef Albers developing his own signature style characterized by strikingly minimalist compositions of shape and colour

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