Getting to Know the Runes

Runes should be kept in a box or bag by the reader’s bed. Each night ask one question: What have I learned today? Take a rune out of the bag and read up on it’s story and meaning either through a book or on the internet. Apply what you are reading to your own life and jot that down in a notebook. Keep doing this practice exercise until you have gone through all the runes OR for as long as you wish if you find it useful to you.

When you feel ready to do so, move on to asking a question when of the runes when you wake up and before doing anything else: What will I learn today? Again choose one rune at random. Using both your notes and what you have learned reading up the rune to interpret your coming day and jot it down in your notebook. At the end of the day write your feelings about your day in your notes.

When you need to be reminded of a rune’s meaning always refer to your notes first as the communication between you and your runes is a personal one, and your feelings, instincts and interpretations may be different to someone else’s.

By asking the question ‘What have/will I learn today?’ we build a strong relationship with our runes and become familiar with their meaning to us as individuals. With that understanding we can start working with a runes.

Working with runes can be as simple or as complex as the reader likes. From asking a question and randomly choosing one or two runes to complete Celtic spreads for an in-depth reading. Simple or complex the reader must be completely focused so it may be helpful to set the mood with meditation, incense and/or music.

A Simple Cast

When seeking guidance or asking a question it is vital to focus on that one question. If there is more than one question make a list of them, light a candle and incense and sit quietly with your runes in front of you or in your hand. I keep my runes in a bag and roll the bag in my hands as I focus.

Randomly draw out one rune and place it in front of you. If the answer needs clarification draw out one or two more runes and lay them in front of you. Runes cannot answer and either/or question, so remember to be clear in your question. For example: What will happen if do this? Is clearer than ‘Should I do this or that? The runes offer guidance and the reader will be shown opportunities to take and obstacles to avoid.

In love and light
Raven )O(

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    1. Depends which book you read on what water to use, I use moon water, but given a river is under moonlight anyway. Making a connection between you and your runes is essential

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