Café de l’Aubette by Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Café de L’Aubette
Café de L’Aubette
Strasbourg, France

One of the first intermedia artists, Taeuber-Arp applies a hard-edged geometric abstraction with Constructivist leanings to interior design. Taeuber-Arp applied the visual language found in works on paper to interior walls and ceilings of this leisure complex to bring the Utopian ideals behind abstraction into practice to create a universally harmonious and beautiful space.

Sophie Taeuber-Arp

Sophie Taeuber-Arp
Dada, Constructivism, Performance Art, Readymade and The Found Object
Born: 19 January 1889, Davos, Switzerland
Nationality: Swiss
Died: 13 January 1943, Zurich, Switzerland

A prominent figure in many of the important European art scene of pre-World War II, Taeuber-Arp was one of the most active figures around the Café Voltaire in Zurich. She dedicated her career to the breakdown of static, artificial boundaries between genres and forms, and celebrating creative energy such liberation released. Her work attempted to destabilize the traditional norms in art and society, questioning the fixed ideas of gender, class, and nationality. For Taeuber-Arp art was both political and integrated into everyday life. She embraced the principles of Constructivism, and was its most important practitioner outside of Russia.

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