Saraband Notes

The Saraband is a form taken from the dance of the same name, and has an alternate 3-4 beat. The dance, of Asian origin, was introduced into Spain in the 16th century and later to the courts of France and Italy.

The form follows the dance with two stanzas, the first of three lines and the second of four lines.
For the purist each line comprises of eight syllables. The stanzas have the following rhyme scheme

axa bcbc dxd efef and so on


Clockworks by Ryter Roethicle

Its ancient echoes fade into the blackness
Tick, tock, the second hand makes a move
When it may end we still can only now guess.
Or better yet, what is this thing called time,
I’ve smelled Gardenias once, so sublime?
I’ve raised a glass to toast my dearest friend,
I’ve lived a life that time cannot transcend.

Times rough hands have swept past my heart
Leaving me, ticking, alone once again.
The pendulum swings but the chimes won’t start
Standing in a corner, stately and staid
A face devoid of numbers, dreams waylaid
Mechanisms rusted by the tears I cry
Can someone please help me before I die?

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