Rubaiyat Notes

The rubaiyat brings Omar Khayyam, so unsurprisingly the rubaiyat originates from Persia. It consists of four line stanzas and is usually written in tetrameter or pentameter. Line one, two and four rhyme and the third line can be used to interlock the next stanza

Rhyme scheme: aaba bbcb ccdc and so on


Sacred Rite by Jez Farmer

Calling the elements one by one
Guardians called and circle spun
As Man and gods speak with one voice
For magic must surely be done

Mystical words on whispered voice
The ways of old a modern choice
When Mother Earth has things to say
Darkness and light as one rejoice

To cast the spell the words they say
A sacred rite at end of day
The priesthood signs never undone
The spirit path a witch’s way

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