Cabaret Voltaire by Marcel Janco

Cabaret Voltaire by Marcel Janco

Cabaret Voltaire
Acrylic on canvas

A crowded canvas portrays the chaotic action, sound, and fury of a night at the Cabaret Voltaire. A jumble of performers, spectators, and inanimate objects fill the space so it is overcrowded and almost bursting. The artist makes little distinction between the performers and the audience, placing the emphasis on the mass of individuals as a whole. A vital visual record of sensory overload in sight and sound and the Dada concept for the Cabaret that hoped to eliminate the distinction between art and life, performer and audience

Marcel Janco

Marcel Janco
Dada, Expressionism, Constructivism
Born: 24 May 1895, Bucharest, Romania
Nationality: Romanian-Israeli
Died: 21 April 1984, Ein Hod, Israel

Janco was a visual artist, art theorist, and architect. A co-inventor of Dadaism, he was also a leading exponent of Constructivism in Eastern Europe. In the 1910s he coedited the Romanian art magazine Simbolul, and was a practitioner of Art Nouveau, Expressionism and Futurism before his painting and stage design led him to Dadaism. He departed company with Dadaism in 1919 and, with the artist Hans Arp, founded Das Neue Leben, a Constructivist circle

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