Septilla Notes

A seven-line form the Septilla originally consisted of octosyllabic line, however tetrameter and pentameter are now equally acceptable. There is a degree of flexibility for the poet in that there is a choice of rhyme schema.


Scars by Leny Roovers

Behind mantilla’s black lace shield
her wounds lay open, near revealed.
Her body, tall and straight, is still-
yet dancing feet move fast in cries
of click-clacked pain in veiled disguise.
All watch in captivated thrill-
swift rhythms heal the scars concealed



No Mistook by Jez Farmer

My never-ending dreams reveal
That destiny still lies beyond
The horizon; a sacred bond
My mind cannot, dare not conceal
No matter how far I must walk
Or if no ears will hear me talk
To find my fate there is no deal.

Without a map or guiding book
I seek the light to make my way
And find the good in ev’ry day
My quest the time to take a look
For Nature’s beauty fills my dream
In her meadows and babbling stream
My dream surrounds me, no mistook

In 2017 Jez Farmer created the variation, the Rising Septilla which consists of increasing meter with each stanza starting with monometer.


Release This Pain by Jez Farmer

I want
I need
to feed
I can’t
my want.

The doubts are strong
and reasons deep
as eyes still weep
to fears I’m wrong
I beg again
release this pain
let me belong.

I hear them start to speak
Their voices hard and curt
The harshest words that hurt
And leave my soul so weak
My need, they call it lust
No choice, it is a must
For it is love I seek

But I am cursed to live in sin
as they declared the way I’m made
so I am shunned, they say depraved
When I turn to see your girlish grin
yet I still stand with pride and smile
that pain is gone, it was worthwhile
And I know that my heart shall win

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