The Windy Wheelbarrow

Form: Free Verse

dusty spirals lay ahead of him
and his eyes squinted
as he tried to make out the other side
and Antonick sighed
in these gales it was impossible to tell
how far he had come
how far he had left to go
but he knew he must finish his trip
the queen was expecting him
in her palatial nest
just over the high end
And he had treasures opulent
green shards of leaves
he had gathered from the wilderness
the giants called a back yard
and the leaves that
shimmered like emeralds
in the sunshine
were muted by the swirling debris
of dust
With a deep breath
Antonick continued his mission
to present his queen
with the fine treasures
and to remain her favoured explorer
discovering the mysteries of the wilderness
for her pleasure
Tom sighed
as he pulled up potatoes
the gentle summer breeze a relief
on a blistering hot day
he didn’t notice
the dust swirls in the old barrow
as the breeze danced around the garden


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