Sevenling Notes

Created by Roddy Lumsdan, the Sevenling is, as the name suggests, a seven line poem consisting of three parts. The first stanza consists of lines one to three and are contrasting or connected statements consisting of details, names or possibilities. The second stanza, lines four to six are relative and a further expansion of the first stanza. Line seven is a summary, punchline, or strange twist.

There is no title or meter requirements. The Sevenling should be mysterious, offbeat, or disturbing to give a feeling only a part of the story is being revealed.


Moons Charms by Terry Clitheroe

The moon charms ocean tides
bewitched waves chase midnight dreams
and the sand sighs its resignation.

The white foam filled waves
thunder deepened with nightlight
see lovers walking on grey sands.

I draw the curtains and go to bed

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