#Writephoto – Time for a Drink

Thank you KL Caley for another great image prompt.

Form: English Sonnet

She’s watching the gate with her eyes of brown
Her patience absorbed in chewing of the cud
But she is waiting this time no back down
For freedom is flowing within her blood
No more will she give the farmer her milk
When she is beyond the overgrown hedge
She’ll go faraway the rest of her ilk
For like a bird it is her time to fledge
No looking back to the boring old field
Making the break and out through the gate
Farmer won’t miss her or her dairy yield
And by the river no more will she wait
For the farmer to remember or to think
For she is a lady and wants to drink

The Cow – Image by KL Caley


10 thoughts on “#Writephoto – Time for a Drink

    1. Little bit of truth to this one from when I was a kid and we lived near a dairy farm – well one of the cows would regularly escape, causing chaos and mayhem, but I think the tenacious lady wanted to get to the river – she gave it a few good shots


  1. The escapee. Great story. I wonder how many farmers have tales of escaping cattle. My OH regularly has to rescue sheep that have jumped over walls they shouldn’t, he grew up in Yorkshire and is from a farming family so he’s quite confident handling them to put them back. Never a cow though (that I know of). Thanks for joining in. KL ❤

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