I am Darkness

Cracking good read

Masons Menagerie

“For years I’ve watched ghost hunts unfold on TV. Taken part in a good few myself. I’m most taken by those of supposed ‘demonic activity’ Surely if demons exist they’re capable of more than knocking the teapot of the counter right?”

I wrote this story in answer to the following prompts:
MindloveMisery Menagerie – First Line Friday
Pensitivity’s Three Things Challenge— Shrug – Found – Slime
Your Daily Word— Egregious
Ragtag Daily Prompt— Off

I am Darkness

I am the monster of every story.

I am the egregious presence which darkens every doorway. My essence invades the mind of every writer. They may shrug me off and try to write something light, but I always turn them back to the darkness.

For time immemorial I hear you humans decreeing that demons don’t exist. I laugh in the face of ghost hunters as they tackle lost souls with…

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