#Writephoto – Find the Way

As soon as I saw the image from KL today, I knew what my pen would do. Thank you for inspiring the write.

The writephoto challenge can be found here – https://new2writing.wordpress.com/2021/07/08/writephoto-the-stairway/

The Stairway – Image by KL Caley

Form: Free Verse

Love will always find a way –
you taught me that
before I could walk
or even talk
nothing can stop love touching the soul
but it never comes easy
the path to love is pitted and winding
it is the uneven steps on a steep stairway
and sometimes we fall
or take the wrong turn
and it feels lonely
flat on your ass
but you taught me –
get back up
stand tall
don’t cry
and start to climb again
fight back like a warrior
but what is a warrior without his hero
yet I still hear you say
love will always find a way
and I remember you
how you showed me how to be a man
behind me my warrior saying
get up
in front of me my hero saying
and beside me my Daddy whispers
don’t cry it’s okay
and I know love has found its way


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