#writephoto – Tittletattle

This week’s challenge from KL is certainly different, maybe a bit wacky, and absolutely out of the box. In other words, this should be a fun one to write. The challenge can be found here


Thank you KL


Free Verse

Did you hear the giants talking
it was on the news last night
politicians in panic
and the giants have no clue
what to do
bumping fists instead of a hug
oh that will never do
losing their heads over pasta and paper
they is crazy I tell you
they feel isolated
well we know how that feels
when the grandkids don’t come
leaving us with them
now they’ve bought a Wii
and pretend to be dancing
dressed in boxer shorts
it’s true
them giants
they are losing it
do they care about us
in the desperation for normality
normality , yeah we’ll have some of that
when the grandkids come home
and join us in play again
it is a bugger getting chocolate out of the hair
and pasta sauce
well that’s a job for the devil herself
so first they can wash their hands

Community – Image by KL Caley


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