Manhattan by Josef Albers

Manhattan by Josef Albers

Currently in storage and unable to be seen by the public.

Created for the lobby of the Pan AM (now MetLife) Building in 1963, the mural, Manhattan, was at the request of the building’s architect, Walter Grapius. Thousands of people passed by the work during the daily commute to Grand Central Station until its removal in 2000 when the lobby was renovated.

Josef Albers

Josef Albers
Bauhaus, Geometric Abstraction, Op Art
Born: 19 March 1888, Bottrop, Germany
Nationality: American
Died: 25 Match 1976, Connecticut, USA

Albers was an instrumental artist bringing the tenets of European modernism of Bauhaus to America. His legacy as a teacher of artists and his extensive theoretical work proposing colour, rather than form, is the primary medium of pictorial language profoundly influenced the development of American modern art throughout the 1950s and 1960s

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