Stop Obsessing Over Your Mistakes

Be Inspired..!!

WE all make mistakes – that is called being human.

But, overthinking and obsessing about past mistakes is not helpful, and this can lead to anxiety, stress and reduced performance at work.

How many times have you made a presentation or produced a report only to keep thinking about it afterwards, wishing you had done something differently?

It is usually too late to change anything by then – so such rumination ends up being completely counterproductive.

In a recentHarvard Business Reviewarticle, leadership expert Alice Boyes has some helpful guidelines to stop us obsessing over our mistakes:

1. Identify your triggers

We all have areas that attract obsession and rumination. Called triggers, these can range from working with people you don’t trust, to money issues, career advancement, or being around people who are brighter or smarter than you. Other areas can include obsessing over your fashion sense or…

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